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Rules for a life in Oneness
ompiled from TT and bible by Annegret Liebig, April 2017

Dear Temple- Sisters and -Brothers, dear Friends,
Easter is near and we commemorate Jesu Christ, who taught us by his life the importance of faithfulness to the divine laws, the ROULES for a life in ONNESS and love until death.
The Ten Commandments for which Jesus lived and died, “the Decalogue is no modern invention of a few thousand years ago, given by a God through a single leader of the Jewish race, as is generally supposed. Each paragraph outlines the final result of aeons of experience, lived out by countless numbers of seers and sages, and graven on “two tablets of stone“ i. e., on the two lobes of the lungs, the air transmitters, the double organ which renders speech possible to man.“ (TT I, No. 87, “The Mystery Language“, p. 225)

These Ten Commandments are given to us in order to regain our ONENESS, which we lost in the struggle of the daily life.

You shall have no other Gods.You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God.Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.Honor your father and mother, that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on earth.
We can endeavor to: “comprehend the beauty, the desirability of Righteousness, the necessity of living up to some code of psychomaterial, moral and ethical laws as that inculcated in the Ten Commandments, or in some other religious code of laws that has been handed down from father to son from time immemorial.“ (TT I, No. 160, “Righteousness“, p. 402)

“Bear carefully in mind that not one of the RULES given for your guidance is unnecessary; not one of the directions is superfluous; not one of the sacrifices demanded is useless. Remember that a perfectly sound body and mind are essentials for a practical Occultist, without which it would be impossible to pass the requisite physical tests; and remembering all these things be content to travel the path of the heart, the path of the child, until such time as you may have gained the power to tread the harder path, if that power has not yet been gained, accepting and being content with the guidance of “those who know“ until in their eyes, instead of yours alone, you are capable of taking the next step in safety.“ (TT I, No. 148, “A Letter from the Master“, P. 377)

To follow ROULES always includes sacrifices of the lower self.
„All material life is born of sacrifice. Sacrifice of some nature must precede all manifestation, and sacrifice is one aspect of the power of Cohesion. This law holds good from molecule to man. The powers of attraction and repulsion; positive and negative; good and evil; wisdom and folly, must be combined. The power that combines (Cohesion) must lose its individual existence temporarily, in the process. It becomes one with the opposing forces, and thereby changes them entirely. Another rate of vibration, another substance is formed, non- existent previously.
The sacrifice of all Saviors, more particularly Jesus – who combined within himself the lives of those who had preceded Him – was a perfect manifestation of the working out this law in physical and astral life. “(TT II, “The Power of Atonement“, p. 251/2)

We have not to wait for the great opportunities in order to proof ourselves.
“It requires ten-fold more courage and endurance to render obedience to specific RULES of daily life when personal will and desire move in contrary directions, than it does to meet any great crisis of life. In the last named instance, you draw on the reserve force of the race to which you belong, while you are dependent upon personal qualifications alone for ability to fulfill the commonplaces of life. “(TT I, No. 126, “Commentaries on Centralization“, p. 328)

During our daily work we stand on the shoulders of them, who in former times have applied the GOLDEN RULE that includes all other positive RULES.

“Each day´s labor by each man is made possible only through the daily labor of all the men who have gone before him on his evolutionary path; the building toward a better life or the destruction of it, the incorporation of the GOLDEN RULE on the material plane of existence or the rejection of it. The GOLDEN RULE has ever been the first law or truth or principle of every Avatar. …
And so, year after year, age after age, wondrous Messengers from God have come from their celestial heights of evolution to man in the long dark winter of his defiant abuse of Their GOLDEN RULE. And they show him how to transmute and redeem that very discontent itself, by endurance, sympathy, courage, into self-responsibility. Man´s separateness becomes unity, his war becomes peace, and his earth becomes heaven. Transcendent glory is resurrected in the springtime growth of consciousness reborn in the light of the new spiritual sun. “(TT II, “Labor“, p. 360)

Every day anew gives us many opportunities to work for this aim. May we always be attentive and willing.

Wishing you a very joyous Easter-season
I am yours as always with love


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